It's all about the flowers

It is not my intention to photograph flowers. I really do want to take more pictures of my children. However, on the weekends, I have very little time to sit with my camera since I'm at work or sleeping. During my down time, it's easy for me to run up to a nurses' station and snap some shots of the bouquets left behind by patients. I'm always amazed at the beautiful arrangements that are discarded when a new mom leaves the hospital. It's probably for the best. They're more enamored by their newborn than a pretty flower, I guess. I know I was. I still am, actually. So much so that I tend to forget to pull out the camera or I'm just too slow to capture the moment. Maybe one day I'll get faster or they'll slow down. Something tells me neither will happen any time soon.


jilltan said...

I can't believe people leave those behind -- I always brought mine home. Beautiful shots!

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