Tummy time

Carly has been rolling over (front to back as well as back to front) since January 26th. We know not to compare the girls since they are not the same person even if they were born on the same day, look alike, etc. etc. We were told that typically, one twin will master a milestone and then the second twin will follow shortly after. We just assumed Keira would roll over within a few days of Carly's big accomplishment. And she did, kinda. Two days later, Keira rolled over for the first and only time. It's been 2 weeks now and Keira is still not interested in rolling over. She's very content on her back. So, whenever we play on the floor and Carly starts rolling over, I put Keira in her boppy for some tummy time. She never seems to mind it, but she always looks at me like "What's the big deal about being on your belly?" Well, one plus is I get really big burps from both girls. :)


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