Happy Birthday, Colton!

*Sniff sniff* No, no, I'll be okay. I'm sure every mom gets a little teary-eyed when their baby turns 2 years old. It's a rite of passage and another sign that I'm getting older. Hahaa!

It seems like only yesterday when I found out I was pregnant with him and yet it seems like a lifetime ago. I would have never dreamed I'd be sitting here almost 3 years later with 3 beautiful children.

Colton's current obsession is Cars by Disney. Of course, we feed into his obsession completely. He has a Cars chair, Cars pajamas, and Cars...well, cars. We got him a Cars cake and his present were almost soley Cars related. He got a great Cars lunchbox complete with stickers and crayons and a Cars nightlight from his favorite babysitter, Amanda, and her hubby, Brian.

And it wouldn't be a perfect cake without Lightning McQueen! He could have cared less about blowing out the candle. He just wanted the car!!

He dove into the cake soon after I took away the car. This kid loves chocolate! I'm sure we're going to regret the sugar high later. :)

He also got a Cars table and chairs from Mamaw and Papaw Bingham. Perfect for eatin' time and playtime. He sat down and was such a good boy when we ate pizza.

Other gifts from Mamaw and Papaw include watercolor paints and book, a Turn 'n Learn Frankie, and a Color Wonder Coloring Book with markers. His Aunt Angie and Uncle Roger bought him an AquaDoodle. I can't wait to open it and play!

His cousin, Kirsten, bought him a box of chocolate candy. Let me tell you, he dug into that one! LOL It was so sweet of her. :) Scott and I bought him a Cars sleeping bag with matching pillow, a flashlight, and a Cars tub to put his toys in. I'm sure I'll be using that more than he does.

Grandma and Grandpa Shuster sent a card with quarters in it. He had such a great time putting them in his crayon bank. He kept asking for more money. Hehee! Smart kid, huh? He also got a Tickle Me Elmo from them. He was scared of it, at first. Now, he's good with it.

And as promised, I got a picture of Amanda and Brian. They were kind enough to join our family in our birthday celebration. I can't wait to do the same when their little man makes his big entrance. He should make his debut sometime in June. Hoping he won't hold off 'til July. How mean for mommy. Hehee! They're the cutest little couple and I'm so happy to have them as friends.


plainmama said...

You are one busy mama with a 2 year old and twin 6 mos. olds! I thought one 2 yr old and one 6 mos. old was tough! It goes so fast and you are doing a beautiful job capturing your children as they grow :)

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