Phle! Who needs sleep?

Last night, we had a really loud wind storm caused by the aftermath of the tornadoes in Oklahoma. It caused a bit of damage to our house, shingles were all over the yard and street this morning. It's a good thing Scott's Dad is a roofer! Anyway, we were afraid that the noise would keep Colton up, but he went down about the usual time. The girls, however, woke up every hour on the hour. Whew! What's up with that?? Sometime around 6am, Colton woke up screaming, which in turn woke up the girls....again. Scott went to tend to them as I lay there snuggled in my warm blankets. Don't even feel sorry for him....I was up with the girls ALL night! About an hour later, he comes in to wake me up (and Colton who is now got his head buried in my armpit....when in the world did he come in here??) to tell me that he's on DR mode at work and he has to leave. DR mode is Disaster Recovery and that means no sleeping in. Blah!

So, off goes dear hubby to work. I get the kids rounded up and begin our day. The girls are more fussy than usual (yeah well, I would be too after no sleep last night). Oh wait....I got NO sleep last night. They take their first nap quite early and it's a welcome surprise. Colton is pretty quiet today, which is pretty odd. Usually this kid has boundless energy. I look over at him to see what he's up to and find one sleeping baby boy. I take some pictures for that "aww" moment and then proceed to wake him up. No way, buddy. You are not catnappin' and missing your scheduled nap today!

It's now 12:49pm. The girls are down for their nap and Y&R is on but I'm not watching it because the TV is currently in use with Finding Nemo for the 476th time today.Colton is still going strong. I shoulda just let him sleep.


Christy said...

aww he is so cute! Your lucky he just falls asleep. Megan will keep going and going until I put her down!

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