Thunder thighs

Yep, my girls got 'em. With three, count 'em THREE, rolls that will swallow your finger! The reason I'm pointing this out is because these thunder thighs are a little sore today. My little girls get the RSV shot because they were premature (among other reasons) and are more apt to contract RSV. They get it every month during RSV season, which is November through March. It's a weight based shot. Because my chubbawubs weigh 17 1/2 lbs. each, they get two shots...one in each leg. Poor things. :( But they do get these neat-o bandaids as if they care. LOL

The nurse at the clinic said we love thunder thigh babies because it makes the shots easier. Well, whodathunk taking after mommy would actually help them out? I hope they don't stick around once we move on past the baby stage. They're adorable on babies, not so much on a 35 year old woman. :)


jilltan said...

Hahaha!! Hope the shots didn't hurt too much.

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