I never had a sister when I was growing up and I always wished I had. I used to dream of being best friends, playing together, going places together, hanging out with friends. The typical things that most sisters do, or what I imagined they'd do. In fact, I remember being mad at my mom and dad when they brought my baby brother, Travis, home from the hospital. I specifically told them I wanted a little sister. Not realizing at the time that my parents had no control over that aspect of a new baby, I was a bit miffed for a long time. Travis turned out to be an okay little brother, I actually enjoyed him sometimes. :)

My hope for Keira and Carly is that they enjoy and love each other as sisters and especially as friends. I've been told they'll always have a playmate and keep each other occupied. I hope they keep each other out of trouble as opposed to getting each other in trouble. If they're anything like me, I know that Scott and I are in for long nights and lots of worry. I think as long as they can keep each other laughing like they are in this picture, they'll be okay. And so will we.


kdnette said...

Oh, heavens and earth...they are GORGEOUS!!! Oh, I bet you just get bombarded by comments when you take them out in public! They are so darling!

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