The day after Valentine's Day

when you're on a diet is almost as bad as the weeks leading up to Christmas. You know, when everyone brings in special desserts and tons of sweets and leaves them on the tables at work so they're free for all. Or worse yet, they hand them directly to you! Isn't it odd how when you're hungry, there is nothing to be found. But go on a diet and there is yummy stuff overflowing. What is up with that?? Everytime you walk by you see them sitting there, calling your name, beckoning you to come hither. You get a whiff of the succulent scent of chocolate. You think, just one little piece won't be so bad. But one little piece is bad because that one little piece turns into a few pieces and then occasional snacking throughout the night and the next thing you know it's morning and the candy is all gone. And you ate it. Diet blown for crap.

I didn't eat it this year. I just took pictures of it. Enjoyed the smells and went on my merry way.


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