Taking a bird bath

Whenever I'm running late for work or I'm just running errands, I'll wash the most important parts in the sink. For years, I've affectionately called this "taking a bird bath". While I was getting the bath water ready for the girls tonight, I glanced over at the sink and wondered if giving them a bird bath would save my back. It's a big pain in the butt to lean over the tub to keep them upright and out of the water while washing them. I decided tonight it was bird bath night. I ran the water and sat them in the sink. My little chubawubs just barely fit. And just so you know....no, it didn't save my back. I still had to hunch over to keep them sitting up all the while keeping them from falling on the faucet. They were fascinated with it. Plus, they were slipping and sliding all over the rounded sink bottom. When we were all done, I leaned them back for a little faux jacuzzi time. Doesn't she look relaxed? Mommy is jealous. :)


Christy said...

LOL oh my goodness, that last picture should be hung in the bathroom, that is to funny.

kendel said...

Love that! Elleny took her first "bird bath" the other day. She's a chub and a half as well, so it may have been the first and last!

Loving your pics!!

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