Trash the Dress session: Success! { Dayton, OH Wedding Photographer }

Trash the Dress session.  Just exactly as it sounds. Take the dress (wedding, prom, etc.) and wear it again. This time wear where you wouldn’t ever expect to see it. It’s ok if it gets dirty, if it gets wet, if it gets trashed. Wear it where it’s weird or just downright taboo. Why wear it just one day if it’s that important? And for those of you haven’t had the American wedded bliss, what’s stopping you from wearing it again and looking fantabulous in it again after the divorce? Just a thought. :)

Thanks Meghan! You were FAN-FREAKIN-TABULOUS!!! She’s a beauty!

barn barnhand hay peek purple stairsshoesshoulderstandstairswadewaterwaterfade


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