My babies’ school pictures { Union, Ohio Child Photographer }

Yesterday, I previewed Colton’s first school picture. Yes, I know he’s in preschool….please don’t give me any grief. I give myself enough. :) Like almost everyone else, I was suckered into buying his “first school picture”. Ugh! I could kick myself!! It wasn’t even a good picture, but I kept hearing my husband say “This is his first school picture. He’ll never have that again. If you don’t buy it now, you’ll never be able to again and you’ll hate yourself.” Trust me, I hate myself. I spent a buttload of money for a crappy 8x10 that isn’t even cut straight!!!

I’d show it to you but that would be against copyright laws. Every photographer and their work should be respected. Please don’t copy, reproduce, scan, print, etc. without written permission people. It’s just rude. Off my soapbox now.

So to make myself feel better and prove to myself that I do have a lick of sense (cuz believe me when I say that I wasn’t feeling like I had any after that fiasco!), I took my kids out for their first “official” school picture by Lynne Bingham Photography. And then to feel extra special, I ordered them in 16x20’s on styrene to put up in my living room. In color! For those of who you know me well, that’s a step outside the box. Hehehe. Anyway, I wisely invested in Lynne Bingham Photography and I feel better now. Colton’s other school picture will go in a keepsake box. LOL



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