Hangin' out with Mr. C

It's not often that I get to hang out with Colton alone. I do my best to get all the kids to nap at the same time so I can remain sane throughout the week. Unfortunately, Colton is bucking naptime and usually goes until he falls down right before Daddy comes home from work. Not much of a break for me. :(

Today, Colton made a beeline for the backyard while I was doing laundry. I hate it when I walk into a room and the child that was there previously had suddenly disappeared. I should know to look outside first, but no. I go through his room, the bathroom, the hiding place in the dining room, back to my bedroom (like I wouldn't have noticed him going by me). Ok, ok....maybe I wouldn't have noticed. But that's not the point. As I head to the kitchen, I see that the sliding glass door is wide open. I see his head bobbing through the window as he's running down the stairs. Happy as a clam.

So, we hung out for a while and enjoyed the pretty day. Yes, he's wearing Spongebob underwear and a t-shirt. I consider it a good day that he's got a shirt on. :)


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