Bridal Boudoir { Union, OH Boudoir Photographer }

Boudoir clients are usually hesitant of having their sexy pictures online. Understandable. I mean, come on…You have no idea what they’re going to look like and you’re in little to no clothing. It takes a lot of trust to blindly consent to online posting of your sexy pictures. So, it just tickles me to pieces when someone says “yes”! I think it makes me work harder to get them edited so I can show everyone! Hehee.

This little minx came to me all the way from Ft. Wayne, IN. You wanna talk about feeling honored? I’ve had quite a few from out of state this last month and I get all sappy, slap-happy that they travel all this way to see me!

I digress! This sexy thang is getting married in May. Her hubby-to-be will be receiving a rockin’ hot album of her sexiest pictures as his groom’s gift. All he is going to be able to say is “WOW!” : )

And I just have to do a shout out to my friend, Vilma, from GEM Photography is photographing her destination wedding. I know the pictures will be fantabulous!!

So, a small preview and a big thank you. You were fabulous!!



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