My little man

Of course, it’s been hectic and busy and crazy here in the Bingham household. My dude turned 4 years old on Tuesday. We celebrated with a Spiderman cake (courtesy of yours truly!), bowling, and pizza (courtesy of Cousin Vinny’s). We nearly had tears when we discovered that our reservation for bowling party of 12 was “lost”. Yes, I’m talking about me. They were kind enough to let a little boy bowl 5 frames for free after I threatened to have a full-out throw-down temper tantrum. No pictures, of course, because it was league night. *rolls eyes*

Oh, let’s not forget the 2” ice storm that kept us housebound for almost a week. So fun. It’s still only in the ‘teens here. Brrrr! Add in treats for school, photo sessions, and Valentine’s Day and you’ve got one tired momma.

So, once it warms up, we’'ll get a proper 4 year old session. But for now, this quick snap of my little man on his way to school will just have to do. Don’t mind the messy bed-head. It’s what all the kids are wearing these days. :)



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