I Heart Faces | Best Face Photo of 2010 Entry

I love playing along with I Heart Faces, although admittedly, it’s not nearly as often as I’d like. Three kids keep me on my toes and away from the PC. On rare occasions I’m able to peruse and take a minute or two to participate in their challenges. I’m happy to present my entry to the Best Face Photo of 2010. This was an awesome friend of mine whom I suckered talked into doing a Trash the Dress session.

We went a few places, played in some gorgeous light and then stumbled upon a river. I was so excited that I could barely explain what I wanted her to do. She looked at me like I was crazy when I told her I wanted her to get in the water with the dress on. I should also mention it was a cool September day and it was close to sunset. Yeah…it was cold water. My feet were frozen so I knew she was close to being a margarita on the rocks.

She sat in the water, posed, twisted, turned, posed again. Let me tell you, she did a fantastic job. And then I decided to go for broke. I asked her to dip her hair in the water, roll around, go underwater and come up….slowly, showing just her eyes. I knew it had to be an amazing shot or I could pretty much count this friendship as over. LOL I still can’t believe she did it. And I love the picture we captured. Meghan is amazing. I can’t thank her enough.



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