I wish every family had this much fun { Union, OH Family Photographer }

Having a photography business that is run solely on word of mouth means I never really know what clients want from me. I know they want pictures taken to a high degree of certainty. Other than that, I have no idea what they were told and what they expect. Was the person who referred them to me honest about me and my bubbly personality? Did they overlook the urban and boudoir style I choose for 90% of my shoots? Were they told that feet are a pretty big deal for me and I like to shoot feet no matter who you are. I realize that I am just as responsible for meeting them half way and allow them to become more comfortable around me. I do, I do. I size you up and figure out your personality and how far I can push mine to get the desired affect: Great portraits. But ultimately, I’m still taking pictures of your feet whether you like it or not. :)

Well, let me tell you Mr. Man was not told that feet is a biggie for me. He was not prepared for a foot shot and needed to have an emergency pedicure prior to. :) He learned a few things about me today. I am bubbly, I like to have fun,  I have different ideas of what is fun and looks great in a picture, squish is the best way to achieve that, and I like feet. I use all of these aspects in my photography whether in studio or outdoors. And I get that feet shot. Hehehe.

Onto the cutest family! Very photogenic and easily moldable into the models you’ll see here. Gorgeous!! And best of all, they were up for anything. My favorite clientel! :) Who wouldn’t want to be part of this family?

Thank you so much for coming you guys. I had such a great time playing in the studio. I was thrilled that our personalities matched and let us get a bit crazy.

Here’s a sneak peek of your session. I hope you like them!

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